Testimonial: Mars Petcare

“Over the last two years of working with TAP we have clarified direction, streamlined our processes and significantly improved the level of ownership amongst our top 45 leaders. This has driven a significant turn-around in business results in a very challenging commercial environment. Most importantly, we have built capability into the organisation such that we are well equipped to be able to sustain our positive momentum without TAP’s ongoing involvement.

Peter Fuda is extremely insightful. He cuts through all the noise to provide direct, actionable and in-the-moment feedback. Martin Lombard has been a passionate advocate for our business and has demonstrated significant flexibility in working around our commitments to deliver extremely high levels of service and support to all 45 of the Senior Leaders involved directly in the transformation effort.

I highly recommend TAP to any leader that is committed to driving positive change and that has the will to truly reflect on, and act to address, the impact they are having on the organisation. If a leader has the will, TAP will provide all the support and guidance necessary to deliver positive business and personal outcomes.”

Sylvia Burbery

Country Manager