Testimonial: Leo Burnett

“TAP have helped us to lay the foundation for sustainable change and continued performance excellence at Leo Burnett by providing us with targeted advice, support and momentum across the areas of strategy, role clarity, goal setting, leadership impact and team behaviour.

Demonstrating a thorough understanding of our business, TAP helped us to generate a compelling vision and plan for the coming three years that has inspired the entire organisation and has given us a strong sense of our future potential. In addition, TAP has helped us to restructure our Creative Team, making it more effective. Consequently, the alignment between our Management Team and the rest of the organisation has improved significantly.

The TAP team are outcome focused, constructive and direct – which is exactly what was required. TAP continue to be an integral part of our growth strategy moving forward and I do not hesitate to recommend them to anyone embarking on a similar journey.”

Tim Castree