Testimonial: Benefitfocus

“Since contracting with TAP, we have doubled revenue and shifted from an EBITDA loss to being EBITDA positive. We have also become free cash flow positive, shifted from being a significant user of cash to generating cash, and have built an entirely new leadership team.

TAP provides an extensive tool kit to help effectively lead an entire business, but what makes them unique is that they are focused on our results, not on their expertise. They never lose sight of the problem they are trying to solve and stay relentlessly focused. Don’t think of TAP as a consultancy, they are a true business partner.

The service we receive from TAP is excellent and their standards are very high. They not only provide great advice to us, they live their own standards. As a result, they have been embraced by the entire leadership team. TAP enables us to enrich our lives; both professionally and personally.

We are very thankful for the results we have achieved in partnership with TAP.  I have worked with them for over a decade and have engaged them repeatedly. I have already recommended TAP many times. I am such a big advocate, I have had them speak at multiple customer conferences. The only reason that I would not refer TAP is that I want them all for myself!”

Ray August